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Company Profile


Established in 2017, Health Integrated Medical Group has been drawing from the best of Western and Chinese medical systems to provide comprehensive and coordinated healthcare in Hong Kong. Our Group adheres to a personalised family medicine approach under the leadership of Dr. David Lee. With a multidisciplinary team of specialists, we offer optimised solutions in Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Nutrition, Health Screening, Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine. Through combining medical expertise and technologies, we have developed a seamless continuum of treatments that not only relieves a visible symptom but also treats the underlying causes. With a multidisciplinary team of specialists, we will continue to offer integrated, optimised solutions that safeguard each of our client’s personal health and well-being.

Founder’s Profile


‘I am a firm believer in the principles of family medicine and the practice of coordinated care.’


Dr. David Lee is one of the leading certified physicians of Western, Traditional Chinese and Aesthetic medicines in Hong Kong. He combines treatments from multiple specialisms to offer a personalised, optimised solution that gets to the root cause of a symptom. With the rising public awareness in personal health and wellness, Dr. Lee will continue to lead his team to provide comprehensive healthcare services to all clients. 


Vision and Mission


Our Vision


We endeavour to make this customised, integrated approach more accessible in Hong Kong and beyond, working with our clients to safeguard their personal health and wellbeing



Our Mission


We provide a one-stop, integrated medical care based on multiple perspectives and complementary areas of expertise, helping clients to attain their health and wellbeing aspirations.

Core Values

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Multiple Perspectives

We draw from the best of Western, Traditional, and Aesthetic medicines and provide a seamless continuum of treatments.

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Family Medicine Approach

We practise coordinated care and collaborate with medical and health specialists to provide comprehensive solutions.。

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In-depth Medical Care

We offer not just one-off alleviations but solutions that get to the root cause of a symptom.

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Personalised Consultation

We conduct personalised consultations through a shared decision making process, ensuring our patients are well-informed and feel supported.

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Safety and Efficacy

Our clinics are equipped with the most advanced, safe and effective medical technologies, medications and products.

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