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Medical Consultation

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has grown into a recognised biomedical discipline in recent decades, developing its own research methodologies, education system and accreditation. Our team of registered TCM practitioners, recognised by the Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Council,  are here to help you realise your health goals, treat existing issues and prevent future conditions. A typical consultation includes an in-depth assessment of your current condition and symptom analysis, followed by a treatment plan. TCM can treat a range of basic and specific issues, including musculoskeletal, skin, respiratory, digestive and fertility conditions. Even if you are in good shape, our team can offer suggestions that boost your immunity and optimise your health performance. 


Health Integrated is one of the few clinics offering all six categories of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. Apart from having practitioners who can provide general consultation, our medical team also includes therapists specialising in tuina, anqiao and manipulative management. Depending on your individual needs, the practitioner may recommend one or a combination of the following treatments: internal medicine, diet recommendation, acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, bone-setting and tuina therapy. All internal medicine formulas are sourced from manufacturers approved by the Chinese Medicines Board to ensure each patient’s safety. Our TCM practitioners can also coordinate with resident Western Medicine and health specialists to provide integrated care that best suits your needs.

The Six Categories of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Stone Therapy
This therapy uses a heated piece of stone to knead, scrape, roll and press on the body. The more well-known guasha treatment belongs to this category.

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This therapy stimulates acupuncture points with custom-made needles to improve circulation and restore overall balance.

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This therapy uses heat to warm acupuncture points and has the effect of improving circulation, dispelling coldness and treating pain. The most common practice burns dried mugwort leaves.

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Herbal Medicine
This therapy customises a herbal concoction that can either be ingested or applied externally according to the patient’s symptoms and body type, relieving conditions and improving general health. 

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This therapy is also known as tuina, in which the therapist would use techniques such as gliding, kneading, pulling and rotating to massage acupuncture points, muscles and  nerves. It can relieve pain and improve circulation.

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Body and Mind Exercise
This therapy strengthens overall health through the continual practice of a series of balanced body-mind-spirit exercises, which integrates posture, movement and breathing techniques.


Tuina Therapy

Tuina is a form of bodywork in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that aims to restore the body through applying rhythmic compression on acupressure points, as well as groups of muscles and nerves. Similar to conventional massage, tuina uses techniques such as gliding, kneading, pulling and rotating that are applied with the practitioner’s hands, fingers, elbows, knees or feet. Tuina is a specific field of study at TCM universities and medical institutes. Our certified tuina practitioners can help you relieve pain and treat soreness, fatigue and numbness of particular body parts, especially muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. It can also improve the body’s overall circulation and digestive functions. To maximise its effectiveness, it may be combined with other TCM treatments like bone-setting, moxibustion, cupping, acupuncture and internal medicine.

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