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In Kiki’s 20s, she developed eczema sometimes, but it was not so troubled that she had to seek special medical attention. Once she mentioned her dull complexion and poor sleep quality, she was recommended by a friend to the medical team at Health Integrated to start with a Chinese medicine consultation and found out from her pulse that she had a weak spleen and stomach and heavy dampness, resulting in a yellowish complexion and lack of luster. The treatment was guided by oral herbal medicine, together with aesthetic equipment to improve her skin texture. During the treatment, Kiki's acute eczema flared up and the Western doctor immediately provided ointment to relieve the condition, while the Chinese doctor also adjusted the herbal formula to treat the eczema together. The two-month comprehensive treatment has strengthened Kiki's spleen and stomach and reduced the frequency of eczema attacks. Now she could sleep well and her face is no longer red and itchy.

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