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Having a balanced diet suitable for your physical conditions and specific stage in life is key to leading a healthy life. Our team of accredited dieticians are ready to work with you to optimise weight management, improve sports performance, recover from an illness, manage existing chronic conditions and prepare for prenatal and postpartum care. We begin the process with an in-depth consultation, clarifying any underlying health concerns and your dietary goals. Personalised recommendations are then shared in face-to-face meetings and follow-up communication via texting. We want to empower you with relevant nutritional knowledge that will benefit you in the long run. Depending on your health situation or goals, our dieticians can coordinate with other resident medical and health specialists to provide integrated care that best suits your needs.


Common conditions we have treated include diabetes, blood pressure management, high cholesterol, hypertriglyceridemia, allergies, food intolerances, eating disorders, pregnancy and pre- and post-operation. 

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