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At Health Integrated, we provide non-surgical aesthetic treatments with medically proven and certified technology to deliver the most optimised results for your appearance. Our

medically certified physicians and trained therapists can provide a wide variety of effective and safe treatments for your skin, body and hair conditions. We always begin with a pre-treatment consultation to walk you through the available options and their respective effects, arriving at a personalised treatment plan through shared decision making. Our aesthetics team can also coordinate with resident medical and health specialists to provide integrated care that best suits your needs

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- Acne Treatment

- Wrinkles

- Under Eye Dark Circles

- Pigmentation

- Rosacea

- Eczema


- Acne Treatment​

- Contouring and Firming

- Deodorising

- Pigmentation, Moles and Warts Removal

- Sexual Health

- Scars Treatment (Acne Scar, Burn Scar and Surgical Scar)

- Skin Regeneration

- Stretch Marks

- Tattoo Removal


- Hair Loss and Rejuvenation

- Hair Removal

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